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Trisha M. (Child & Adult Care Food Program - New Opportunities, Inc.)

By Trisha M., Child & Adult Care Food Program

Hello! I already sent Melanie a thank you email for the great job she did at her training in Adel, but I really wanted you to know how helpful her training was to me. I think she just did a fabulous job. Her PowerPoint presentation (complete with handouts) was well researched and very informative and relevant to needs facing daycare providers these days. I left there SO motivated to make menu changes, try new recipes, and plan my shopping to save more money ( so I can buy 100% whole grain wheat bread--and make my own chicken nuggets)! I loved the salsa she made for us to sample and especially found the menu plan she wrote up useful. I have been searching for ways to have my kids eat healthier ( and still do it on a budget) and I have been in such a menu rut, serving the same things over and over, that her sample menu is a life-saver. She got me motivated to communicate more with the parents and about the Food Program and the meals we serve. Also, thanks for the cook book!!! The kids and I enjoyed looking through it today and are making our own grocery list to cook some recipes next week!

Anyway, I got more out of Melanie's training then I have from any other in quite a long time. She was well prepared, answered all of our questions, and had so many ideas for us that everyone took at least one great idea home to their daycare.

Thank you for your time!

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