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Chad Jensen, Chief Executive OfficerWe proudly provide high-quality services to individuals and families throughout our seven-county service area. Our services include education, support, and various types of assistance.

Please click any of the links below for information on our various programs or contact us with questions. We look forward to serving you. New Opportunities is proud to offer six main service areas in Treatment, Head Start/Early Head Start, Outreach, Prevention, Health Services, and Weatherization. See a brief description of each service below.

Treatment Services

Counseling, assessment and referral services are provided for adults and adolescents experiencing problems in their life due to substance use disorders. Counseling is available on an individual or group basis and is also available to family members and/or friends.

Head Start/Early Start Services

Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child development programs which serve children from birth to age five, pregnant women and their families. The programs are child-focused and have the overall goal of increasing the school readiness of young children in low-income families.

Outreach Services

New Opportunities Outreach has an office located in each of the counties we serve: Audubon, Calhoun, Carroll, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie and Sac known as the Family Development Centers. Each Family Development Center has staff that works with low income families on a daily basis to meet basic needs and development.

Prevention Services

Primary prevention protects the individual from ever experiencing problems with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and delays the onset by providing broad based community programs. These programs focus on education and are often paralleled in the schools and workplace. The goal is to prevent future problems and provide prevention strategies that last a lifetime.

Health Services

Health Services Programs providing accessible, affordable and comprehensive care for over 40 years.

Weatherization Services

The weatherization program provides residential energy evaluations to determine how homes can be made safer and more comfortable.  Services are provided at no cost to reduce fuel usage and to lower the costs of heating bills.  All services are completed by skilled workers and inspected by licensed professionals to ensure quality work is performed in making homes more energy efficient.

Providing these services allow us to assist in everyday life for those who need help. We wouldn’t have the history or the success we have without those seeking our services. Learn about our history as a non-profit.

Our History

In December of 2006, New Opportunities Inc. was formed from the combination of two non-profit agencies, New View Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Center Inc. and Community Opportunities Inc. Through our combined efforts we directly impact 5,500 families per year representing over 15,000 individuals. On behalf of New Opportunities Inc. Board of Directors, Leadership Team, Staff, and Volunteers, I am proud to present our agency and our vision of "Helping People, Changing Lives".

For over 50 years, committed individuals, local agencies, and volunteers make it possible for New Opportunities Inc. to provide high-quality services to individuals and families throughout our seven-county service area. With the help of our Board of Directors, Head Start Policy Council members, Coalition members, Leadership Team, talented and committed staff, volunteers, representatives of private industry, Federal, State, County, local governments, and the media who assists in our efforts. Your vital support is deeply appreciated! Thank you!

New Opportunities Inc. is positioning itself to be a leader in coordinating services and directly serving the pressing needs of our residents. The ultimate goal is to "change people's lives" through responsive, supportive, progressive, and proactive hands-on case management and support services. New Opportunities Inc. will build upon its unique strengths and expand its partnerships with local service organizations to become the premier social and human services organization in all seven counties.

We will work hard with you and for you to make the community action network and counties stronger than ever before with the ongoing effort of the Staff, Leadership Team, and Board of Directors. Together we can help people and change lives!


Chad A. Jensen, MA, LMSW

Chief Executive Officer

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