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Kevin O. (Embrace Iowa 2009 - New Opportunities, Inc.)

By Kevin O., Embrace Iowa 2009

My name is Kevin O. and I am writing this letter to thank your agency for the help I received during my time of need. On August 16, 2009, I was at a lakeside park with my step-son, Dan (14), and son, Tyler (5). Both of the boys were having fun climbing a man-made boulder while I stood on a two-foot ledge watching over my youngest as he made his way up the rock. Suddenly, Tyler lunged himself into my unexpected arms and I held him in my arms as I fell off the ledge. Tyler was unscathed after the incident, I, on the other hand, landed on my left foot in an awkward position. I was taken to the ER in order to have my foot examined. Though the doctor in the emergency room saw no breakage, she recommended I return again to have my family doctor examine my ankle. With the aid of a specialist my doctor was able to detect on breakage. Five more fractures were later detected on my next visit to a bone specialist. The specialist also told me that I was going to be off work for a while; little did I know that " a while" was going to be six months.

Through my employer, I was able to receive thirteen weeks of short-term disability. Being the primary wage earner in my family led to a lot of stress. My short-term checks were very small and made it very difficult for me to maintain my family of five. Bills, fees, and payments accumulated into a staggering pile that threatened to engulf us at times. Our way of viewing expenses changed. Many things that we had previously enjoyed became luxuries and our spending became very limited.

Help eventually came. At a short meeting before my son Tyler's Christmas concert, Jenny Sorensen from New Opportunities, Inc. approached me. She knew about my struggles with income and suggested that I fill out an application that would assist me in paying some of my medical bills. I decided to give it a try and filled out the applications. Jenny later contacted me and informed me that my application had been accepted.

The help that was given to our family was such a blessing to our family. Your willingness to help my family during our time of need has been greatly appreciated. I don't know how to thank you enough.

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