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Anonymous (Health Services WIC - New Opportunities, Inc.)

By Anonymous, Health Services WIC

I would like to apologize for missing my WIC appointment last week; I completely forgot the day of the appt. I also apologize for being so tardy in responding back to your phone call; that is inexcusable. In working with our doctor, we have been in the process of deciding the next step for our youngest (our daughter who was on formula). As she nears one year of age, we have, with the doctor's supervision, switched her over to milk and she is doing wonderful. The formula she was on was very expensive, which is why we contacted WIC. She is no longer on Nutramigen so we will not need these services any longer. We are so incredibly grateful for the help WIC gave us in the past year, helping us provide the best for her with the unexpected addition of these formula costs. Thank you and bless you for what you do!

-Family of 3


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