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Anonymous (Family Development Center - New Opportunities)

By Anonymous, Family Development Center

A gentleman, who has been regularly using the food pantry, came in to the Family Development Center. Just like usual, I began pulling out this file and documenting the date of his visit to the pantry. He proceeded to tell me that he will not be using the pantry today and in face from now on. I asked him if there was a problem or a concern. He told me there was no problem and in face, just the opposite. He continued to explain that he got a full time job and a small job on the side. With the income he will be making, he ensured me he will no longer need our services. The kind gentleman also went on to tell me how appreciative he was/is of the help we have provided for him. He explained that without the services from the Family Development Center, he would have had a hard time getting by and making ends meet. Multiple times he thanked me and told me how wonderful these programs are. At the end of our conversation the gentleman told me he would like to make a donation of $100 to help people that are in the same situation as him. He stated he wanted to make a difference in the life of someone else as that is what helped him get by for a period of time. I accepted the the donation and thanked him for the donation. I assured him it would go towards keeping our shelves stocked in our food pantry.   

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