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Anonymous (Dallas County Family Development Center - New Opportunities, Inc.)

By Anonymous, Dallas County Family Development Center

Claudia (not her real name) came into the New Opportunities Dallas County Family Development Center for the first time. She had recently moved to Perry, along with her five children. They arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few suitcases. She had no choice but to ask for help since she was not financially able to meet her family’s need by herself. One particular need was one of a kitchen table and chairs. Her five children were forced to eat meals on the floor of their completely bare mobile home.   


The Family Development Center sorted through their array of clothes closet items. Not finding everything that Claudia and her family was in desperate need of, the Coordinator Aide called out to the other six Family Development Centers of New Opportunities and other community partners. Through this helping network, the family was finally able to sit down for meals at a kitchen table. Other items that were provided consisted of kitchen utensils, dishes, towels, food, and paper and cleaning products. New Opportunities also was able to connect her with the WIC program and help her with utility assistance. Claudia was also guided to the Department of Human Services, Dallas County General Relief, and the Ministerial Association for other needs.  


Beside herself with emotion, Claudia cried when she heard about all the items that were provided for her family. She had no idea and could barely believe that with coming to a new area, a community could be so warm and welcoming during her time of need. 


This success story demonstrates the impact that New Opportunities Dallas County Family Development Center has in meeting a family’s immediate and emergency needs.


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