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Mentoring Programs

Who was there for you?

Was there a teacher or coach that took extra time and you knew was invested in your success?

Did you have an aunt, uncle, or grandparent that just “got” you more than anyone else.

It doesn’t take a superhero to make a difference in a child’s life! You can be that person!

Mentoring a child through the Fun Friends Mentoring Program is fun and rewarding for children and adults. Mentoring creates a special bond and can help build self-esteem, develop strong values, and provide a fund, nurturing environment. And you can do that in as little as 4 hours per month!

Youth who participate in a good mentoring program are:

  • Less likely to start using drugs

  • Less likely to start using alcohol

  • Less likely to skip a day of school

  • Less likely to hit someone

  • Less likely to lie to their parents

  • More likely to have better self esteem

  • More confident in their schoolwork More trusting of adults

Would you like for your child to have another adult they can trust, talk with, and count on?

There are no requirements for eligibility for youth ages 5-18 to become involved in our Mentoring Programs!

Mentoring is not for a certain “type” of child. 

Mentoring is for EVERYONE!

Applying for the program is easy!

To become a MENTOR go to:

To refer a child to become a MENTEE go to:




Call one of our Mentoring Coordinators:

Ann Newman                                   

P: 712-792-9266                                 



Mentoring Brochure

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