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Problem Gambling Prevention

New Opportunities’ Prevention Department works to reduce gambling problems by providing education, outreach, and evidence based prevention services to schools, community groups, professional organizations, businesses, health care providers, and behavioral health providers. Services are provided free of charge and can be scheduled by calling the Carroll office at 712.792.9266.

What is gambling?

Risking something for a possible reward

Gambling in Iowa

  • An estimated 93.4% of Iowans have gambled in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 16% (369,000) of adult Iowans were classified as “at-risk” gamblers in 2013
  • Approximately 1 in 5 adult Iowans (17.7%) said they have been negatively affected by the gambling behavior of a family member, friend or someone else they know.
    Source: Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors:  A 2013 Survey of Adult Iowans, University of Northern Iowa, June 2014

Forms of Gambling

  • Bingo                    
  • Lottery                                
  • Office Pools                       
  • Casino Games  
  • Slot Machines   
  • Sports Betting  
  • Online Gambling                             
  • Game of Skill
  • Card Games
  • Dice
  • Raffles
  • Races (horse and dog)
  • Stock Market

Low Risk Guidelines

  • Treat money lost as the price of entertainment
  • Treat winnings as a bonus
  • Set limits on time and money spent
  • Gamble only with money you can afford to lose
  • Avoid the use of gambling as a coping skill
  • Don’t gamble alone
  • Don’t gamble when feeling sad, down or depressed.

Iowa Gambling Treatment Program - 1-800-BETS OFF

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