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Parent Resources

New Opportunities is a proud participant of the State of Iowa Department of Education Financial Literacy Network.
Resources for financial literacy educators and for families to use at home have been made available as of March 31, 2020. Please visit:


Parent Resources

Self Sufficient Kids, Life Skills Kids Need.

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For information about Financial Literacy and how to teach kids about money, please visit:

Savings Challenge

This savings challenge game from is a great way to teach kids about saving money and watching it grow! Have your child name something they would like to have, and help them begin saving for their goal. Please click the ‘Savings goal sheet’ link below to download the challenge sheet. The first sheet is an example, and the second is blank for you to start your own challenge at home! Happy Saving!


Savings goal sheet  Please click here to download the Savings Challenge!












(Photo name: Jelly Bean Game image 1)

The Jelly Bean Game is a fun game from Pretty Providence that helps teach teens
and kids about money management and how to make a budget!


What you will need for this game:

  • Printed Copies of The Jelly Bean Game
  • Snack Bags
  • Jelly beans or another favorite candy, 20 per bag/player


  • Print copies of The Jelly Bean Game, either one per person or enough
    so that kids can do it in small groups of two or three.
  • Fill snack bags with 20 jelly beans each.
  • Read instructions on the first page of the Jelly Bean Game and discuss the
    questions after each round.




Wondering where to begin helping your children learn money management skills? Checkout this blog post with great tips from MaryAnne at Mama Smiles Blog.
She shares her best advice on teaching kids about saving money in a world of credit cards, online billing, and bank accounts.



Ready for Responsibility?
Introducing chores to your household:

You may be wondering if it is time to incorporate an allowance for your child, or whether or not he/she is old enough to begin practicing self-sufficiency and responsibility. Here is a chart with examples of appropriate chores for children based on age.


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