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Classroom Resources by Grades

The Personal Finance Lab (
Personal Finance Lab offers personal finance curriculum and lessons for use in the classroom. Lessons include budgeting, economics, career development, accounting, and more.
Helpful Links for Educators
Grades K -2:

We are Consumers and Producers Lesson
- Producers and consumers interactive learning lesson
- I can wash dishes PDF
- We are producers and consumers PDF
- Gift coupon PDF


The ABC’s of Saving Lesson
- Handout
- Quiz
- Simulations
- Bernstein Bears saving simulation game
- Bunny Money story
- Answer key


Grades 3 – 5:

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees Lesson
- Ways for Heather to earn money
- Allowance survey
- Answer key
- Earnings plan
- Lemonade in Winter, book
- Survival Guide for money smarts


Grades 6 – 8:

I Can Be an Entrepreneur
- Personal finance
- Plan and develop entrepreneurial activities
- Interactive story
- Lesson and worksheet
- Simulations


Grade 9 – 12:

Budgeting for Income and Expenses
- Activity
- Teacher checklist
- Budgeting video
- Student worksheet
- Answer key


Opportunity Cost, Spending decisions
- Lesson
- TEDTV Marshmallow Video Training
- Compound interest calculator


What is Credit? Lesson
- Lesson & quizlet

Financial Management: Credit and Loans
- Webinar
- PowerPoint slides


Financial Institutions and Services Lesson
- Lesson and slides
- Quiz – Financial Services
- Simulation, comparing savings accounts


The Great Recession Simulation
- Simulation and video
- Saving and borrowing lesson


Unemployment and labor force
- Participation video series
- Quiz


Consumer Choice and Decision Making Video Series and Quiz
- Video
- Quiz


Comparing Savings Accounts Activity
- Activity
- Teacher checklist
- Video
- Answer key


Evaluating Credit Card Offers
- Teacher checklist
- Activity
- Comparing credit card offers video
- Evaluating credit card offers worksheet
- Evaluating credit card offers step-by-step screenshots
- Evaluating credit card offers answer key


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