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At New Opportunities, Inc., we encourage clients to do what they can to protect themselves from illnesses, infections, and diseases. Two vaccines are highly recommended/encouraged. Many insurance companies will pay for the vaccines and if you don’t have health coverage, resources are available to clients to help receive the vaccines. Here is some information regarding the HPV vaccine as well as the Hepatitis B vaccine.

  1. HPV Vaccine (Human Papillomavirus) “Gardasil” –
    - Inactivated vaccine which protects against 4 major types of HPV, 2 types that cause most cervical cancers and 2 types that cause most genital warts
    - Approved for use in girls and boys, men and women, age 9-26
    - Vaccine is given in a 3 dose series: 1st dose – now, 2nd dose – 2 months after dose 1, 3rd dose – 6 months after dose 1
    - Pregnant women should not receive the vaccine
    - Mild risks include: pain at injection site, redness or swelling at injection site, mild to moderate fever, and itching at injection site
  2. Hepatitis B Vaccine –
    - Vaccine can prevent Hepatitis B and consequences of the infection such as liver cancer and cirrhosis
    - Approved for all ages groups, males and females
    - Vaccine is given in a 3 dose series much like the HPV vaccine
    - Mild risks include: soreness at injection site, mild fever


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