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Planning a Pregnancy

Preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy can help her increase her chances of a healthy pregnancy when the right time comes for her. Making healthy lifestyle changes and choices will definitely benefit the family. Here are some things to do prior to pregnancy.

  1. Make sure to get 400mcg of folic acid supplemented at least 3 months before becoming pregnant
  2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  3. Get all current medical conditions under control and stable such as asthma, diabetes, dental care, obesity, and seizure disorders
  4. Discuss all over the counter and prescription medications and herbal supplements with your provider
  5. Avoid exposure to chemicals or toxic substances such as household cleaners/chemicals or animal feces
  6. Eat a balanced diet of healthy foods
  7. Get regular exercise

After preparing for pregnancy and becoming pregnant, there are a number of other lifestyle choices to make for a healthy pregnancy such as:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Don’t use hot tubs, saunas, or whirlpools
  • Enjoy sex, it can be OK during pregnancy
  • Be aware of possible job hazards that could be harmful to the pregnancy
  • Cut back on caffeine intake
  • Avoid exposure to illnesses or infections


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