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Over The Counter

  1. Condoms –
    - Latex or plastic barriers worn over the penis or in vaginal canal
    - Male and female condoms available
    - Inexpensive
    - Good protection from STIs
    - Very effective if used appropriately, 85% - 98%
    - No prescription needed

  2. Sponge –
    - Non-prescription barrier method the female inserts into the vagina prior to intercourse
    - Can’t be used during menstruation
    - Nonhormonal
    - Effectiveness can vary depending on use
    - No protection from STIs

  3. Spermicide –
    - Chemical in form of cream, film, foam, gel, or suppositories used to kill sperm
    - No prescription needed
    - Nonhormonal
    - Effectiveness if used alone lacks but increases if used with another barrier method
    - No protection from STIs




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