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Natural Methods

Natural Family Planning is when a woman learns to understand when she is fertile during her monthly cycle and to avoid intercourse or use a barrier method during this time.

  1. Continuous Abstinence –
    - No intercourse or sex play
    - 100% effective
    - No chance of receiving a STI
    - No side effects
    - Cost effective
    - No prescription needed
  2. Outercourse –
    - No vaginal intercourse but involves sex play (kissing, fantasy, masturbation, toys, massage, anal and oral sex play, and body to body rubbing)
    - 100% effective as long as no pre-ejaculate or semen enters the vagina
    - STIs can still be obtained through body rubbing
    - No side effects
    - No prescription needed
  3. Fertility Awareness –
    - 4 methods available to identify your fertility pattern:
         a. Temperature: take your temperature every morning before getting out of bed
         b. Cervical mucus: monitor changes in cervical mucus daily
         c. Calendar: mark period days on a calendar
         d. Standard days: Predict fertile days without any body monitoring or calculations
    - Effectiveness can vary greatly
  4. Withdrawal –
    - Penis is removed from the vagina prior to ejaculation
    - No side effects
    - Cost effective
    - No prescription needed
    - Effectiveness can vary greatly as pre-ejaculate can still be transferred leading to pregnancy
  5. Breastfeeding –
    - Ovulation can be delayed when breastfeeding
    - Cost effective
    - Effectiveness can vary greatly

*** Click here for Natural Methods Information Sheet ***

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