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Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program

A WIC Peer Counselor is a mother in the community with personal breastfeeding experience who is trained to give information and support to new moms. A Peer Counselor supports new mothers and babies with breastfeeding. Our Counselors will mentor, coach and support you. Our Counselors can provide you with:

You can even reach some peer counselors outside of WIC clinic hours and locations. We know breastfeeding questions can happen anytime, anywhere.

Peer counselors are familiar with the resources available to WIC clients, are familiar with the questions a breastfeeding mother may ask, and recognize when to refer mothers to other resources during critical periods when mothers may experience difficulty.


Introducing our Peer Counselors


Brooke Cressler has worked as a Peer Counselor with New Opportunities for more than a year. Brooke has three children and successfully breastfed two. Brooke’s oldest daughter is Ava who was breastfed for four months. After Ava become ill challenges prevented Brooke from continuing. Brayden, Brooke’s son was breastfed for 16 months. Brooke knew that the nutrients in breast milk were so important and so much better for him than formula.  Brooke set a goal of nursing until Brayden turned two. When Brooke learned she was expecting again she weaned Brayden in anticipation of Craysen’s arrival. Brooke shares one challenge she had when she breastfed her first baby, I was 21 and didn’t know much about it and it was difficult when she became sick. When I had my second baby she was very determined at home and at work that I was going to breastfeed/ pump. I ended up getting a schedule set for when I would pump while away from Brayden at work. I am a CNA also and as everyone knows that is a very busy job! Having this schedule helped me and my co-workers know about when I was going to be gone.  It was a challenge to get plenty of fluids during the days when I worked the morning shifts. I switched strictly to the night shift and was able to increase my production of milk and ended up being able to give Brayden breast milk for about another month after I stopped breastfeeding.   

“Breastfeeding they say is about like having another job. It is sometimes difficult and you have to devote the time for it on top of all the many other things that need to be done. When your baby is first born, they are feeding often but as they get older they get more efficient and don’t need to nurse quite as often. You will know your baby is getting enough milk by counting the wet and dirty diapers, if baby is satisfied, gaining weight, and if your breasts feel softer after breastfeeding.”


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