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Emotionally Healthy Children

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Through this book parents, teachers, child care providers and extended family members will learn about the 5 critical emotional needs of children.

Satisfying a child's 5 Critical Emotional Needs: Respect, Importance, Acceptance, Inclusion and Security will help them to become self-confident, independent, responsible and caring adults.

Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents all have the same emotional needs. Meeting these needs in childhood provides the foundation for success in school, work, relationships, marriage and life in general.

5 Critical Emotional Needs Flyer

Respect - click here for flyer 
Respect Spanish Version

Importance - click here for flyer
Importance Spanish Version

Acceptance - click here for flyer 
Acceptance Spanish Version

Inclusion - click here for flyer
Inclusion Spanish Version

Security - click here for flyer
Security Spanish Version


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