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Donate: Ways To Give Back

New Opportunities is here to support individuals and families in need with a wide range of nonprofit services. Join us in supporting local communities and families! 

Iowa Nonprofit donate

New Opportunities is a Community Action Agency offering a variety of programs to help the communities we serve. With your support, we are able to continue the work we do. If you’re looking for an Iowa nonprofit organization to support, New Opportunities offers a variety of ways to support our work.

To Make a Donation

  • Donation Centers: Mail or drop off a community donation at any of our office locations throughout our seven-county service area.

  • Donate Online: Click the county below in which you want to donate.

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Audubon County

109 Tracy Street
Audubon, Iowa 50025
Tel: 712-563-2777
Fax: 712-563-3017

Audubon County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Carroll County

23751 Highway 30, East
Carroll, Iowa 51401
Tel: 712-792-9266
Fax: 712-792-1956

Carroll County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Calhoun County

334 Richmond Street
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579
Tel: 712-297-7721
Fax: 712-297-9927

Calhoun County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Dallas County

2816 1st Avenue
Perry, Iowa 50220
Tel: 515-465-5185
Fax: 515-465-5995

Dallas County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Greene County

1401 N. Elm Street-Suite A
Jefferson, Iowa 50129
Tel: 515-386-2719
Fax: 515-386-3845

Greene County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Guthrie County

400 State Street
Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115
Tel: 641-747-3845
Fax: 641-747-3269

Guthrie County Donations

Donate iowa nonprofit location

Sac County

1710 West Main
Sac City, Iowa 50583
Tel: 712-662-3236
Fax: 712-662-3593

Sac County Donations

New Opportunities is a non-profit organization that qualifies under 501(c)(3) as a tax-deductible charitable contribution. In addition to monetary tax-deductible donations, there are a number of other ways to donate to families in need.

Other Ways To Donate

If you’re looking to support our family development centers or get involved in community services, there are many other ways that you can help support local Iowa families in need. We work with several other charities in Iowa (such as the Food Bank of Iowa and Toys for Tots) to provide resources and donations for low-income families in Iowa. Non-monetary ways that you can help support our mission include:

If you’re looking for a nonprofit in Iowa to support, we encourage you to learn more about our programs and how you can get involved! 

Whether you choose to donate food, clothes, and other items at one of our donation drop-off centers, volunteer with our nonprofit, or donate money online, you’re making a real difference in our communities. 

We appreciate your support. Thank you!

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