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New Opportunities, I wanted to take a minute to show my gratitude for Kristina who I met while applying for heat assistance. She was very kind and non judgemental. Which as a lower income person sometimes you run into that.... Read Moreabout Patricia C. testimonial

Patricia C., LIHEAP (Heat Assistance)

I want to say thank you for providing my children with a wonderful Christmas this year. I am really grateful. They loved it! Please share this thanks with all those who made this possible! I appreciate everything ya'll have done... Read Moreabout Roy W. testimonial

Roy W., Christmas Toys

Thank you so much for all your hard work and your time and effort that you put forth into helping me provide my kiddos with a Christmas they will never forget! We appreciate everything you do and have done! You... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Christmas Toys

New Opportunities, Inc. is a well rounded organization that truly helps families when they are in need of help due to minor setbacks in life. I just started the program not even two weeks ago and I received help right... Read Moreabout Angela W. testimonial

Angela W., Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP)

Dear New Opportunities, Inc. and Staff: I want to thank you for selecting me to receive insulation for my house. It sure did help with the gas bill this winter and I'm sure it will help with the air conditioning... Read Moreabout Edna S. testimonial

Edna S., Weatherization Dept.

I am writing to express my thoughts regarding the Guthrie County Mentoring Program. When my daughter and I were matched with Brianna (name changed to protect anonymity), a little girl from (name of town deleted to protect anonymity), it was... Read Moreabout Janean G. testimonial

Janean G., Guthrie County Mentoring

My name is Kevin O. and I am writing this letter to thank your agency for the help I received during my time of need. On August 16, 2009, I was at a lakeside park with my step-son, Dan (14),... Read Moreabout Kevin O. testimonial

Kevin O., Embrace Iowa 2009

Thank you again for your gift of many toothbrushes, toothpaste, and posters. It was greatly appreciated. Some students made comments such as: "My mom and I share a toothbrush." "My dog got a hold of my toothbrush and it was... Read Moreabout LoDeene G. testimonial

LoDeene G., I-Smile Program

We are a family of four and we had an old stove that didn't let us cook very good meals because the oven didn't work. Since we've got the new stove, we can have very good meals. Thank you Embrace... Read Moreabout Melinda S. testimonial

Melinda S., Embrace Iowa 2009

My name is Shane M. I am 31 years-old, divorced father of two children. Three years ago I was left permanently disabled after a motorcycle accident and lost my job. Recently my car broke down and left me without a... Read Moreabout Shane M. testimonial

Shane M., Embrace Iowa 2009

Everyone who worked here at my home was very nice. They also gave me a feeling that they cared about getting everything done and doing it right. Got the feeling from ALL that they took pride in doing a job... Read Moreabout Joni K. testimonial

Joni K., Weatherization Program

I would like to thank Carol Bayer for the grant money for summer quarter. It is greatly appreciated. I really wasn't sure how I was going to finish my degree. God Bless You! Read Moreabout Lori S. testimonial

Lori S., Financial Literacy Program

Thank you so much to Vickie S. for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to the Jefferson-Scranton Health Students about STDs. Also thank you for all the goodies! The students always talk for weeks about your... Read Moreabout Jefferson-Scranton Health Students testimonial

Jefferson-Scranton Health Students, Family Planning

Hello! I already sent Melanie a thank you email for the great job she did at her training in Adel, but I really wanted you to know how helpful her training was to me. I think she just did a... Read Moreabout Trisha M. testimonial

Trisha M., Child & Adult Care Food Program

When asked about a success story, one particular family, whom I worked with all last year, came to mind. He is a single father of two small children. He was in the service, and had been stationed in Iraq. Upon... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Sac County Head Start

I would like to apologize for missing my WIC appointment last week; I completely forgot the day of the appt. I also apologize for being so tardy in responding back to your phone call; that is inexcusable. In working with... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Health Services WIC

To all our friends at WIC, With my son turning 5 in September this may be the last we see you in clinic for a while. Thank you for all you do – beyond handing out WIC checks, dental and... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Health Services WIC Thank You Card

Claudia (not her real name) came into the New Opportunities Dallas County Family Development Center for the first time. She had recently moved to Perry, along with her five children. They arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Dallas County Family Development Center

Emily (not her real name) is a 28 year old Hispanic female with a 3 year old son. When I first met Emily she was living in an apartment in West Des Moines with her son after fleeing from an... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Financial Literacy Counseling

A young women, pregnant and new to the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program was very appreciative of the assistance provided to her to purchase fresh produce. When the WIC nurse was visiting with her she stated she was struggling... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Adel WIC Clinic

My success story is about a young mom I started working with this year. She has 2 children, and very little work experience. She also never completed high school. When I asked her what her goals were, she told me... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Early Head Start

Early in 2014 we met a young mom that had recently moved to Perry Iowa from Virginia. She was attempting to start a new life after fleeing an abusive relationship. She only had an aunt that helped her get here.... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Dallas County Family Development Center

A gentleman, who has been regularly using the food pantry, came in to the Family Development Center. Just like usual, I began pulling out this file and documenting the date of his visit to the pantry. He proceeded to tell... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Family Development Center

A lady came in to make a donation of $200. For the last year, she had used the food pantry almost monthly. As I was writing her a receipt, she told me she will no longer be using the food... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Family Development Center

Ms. Carol Bayer and New Opportunities, I am ever so thankful for all of you not only doing your job but like yourself Ms. Bayer, also going that extra mile to do work that God smiles on. Thanks to the... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Dallas County Financial Literacy

We are both finally employed with great opportunities to excel in new careers and we owe a lot of gratitude and thanks, for all the time you’ve spent guiding and encouraging us to keep trying. And all of the contacts... Read Moreabout Anonymous testimonial

Anonymous, Multiple Services
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