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As part of the Head Start Nutrition component, classrooms will participate in planned food experiences on a regular basis to give children the opportunity to learn about different foods, food preparations, and healthy eating habits.  Below is a list of approved food experiences that can be used in New Opportunities Head Start classrooms.  Please remember, when facilitating any food experience in a Head Start classroom, to follow all proper handwashing and sanitizing procedures as dictated by state licensing regulations and Head Start Performance Standards before beginning any food experience that involves the use of food or food equipment.


Food Experiences

Non-Food Experiences

100th Day of School Trail Mix Chef Combo Catering
American Flags Chef Combo - Helper Job 
Animal Cracker Sorting Chef Combo - Learning My Heart Says Thanks Song  
Apples & Seeds Chef Combo - Manners 
Apples & Seeds - Crockpot Clean Food - Dirty Food 
Apples - The Great Apple Experiment Cleaning up Area after Eating
Avocado tasting Cook or Chef Job 
Bagel Snowmen Favorite Food Book 
Banana Pops Food Alphabet 
Berry tasting with book Jamberry Food Alphabet Cheat Sheet 
Bitter, Sweet, Salty and Sour Food Collages 
Breads Around the World Grocery Store in Dramatic Play 
Brussel Sprouts Grow a Sweet Potato plant 
Build a Snowman Handwashing 
Bunny Faces Learning to Eat Family Style 
Butterfly Bites Learning Yes Please & No Thank You 
Carrots - Seeds Manners at Mealtime 
Caterpillars  My Picnic Blanket 
Cauliflower Sheep  Open Milk Carton 
Cheese Tasting  Passing Food 
Coconut Trees with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Book  Pouring Pasta - Learning to Pour 
Corn Muffins Pumpkin Seeds 
Cracker Shapes Pumpkin Seeds Take Home Recipe 
Curds and Whey Setting the Table 
Dino Chow Snack Song for Transition time 
Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat Sorting Fruits and Vegetables 
Dr. Seuss - Green Eggs The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
Dr. Seuss - Pink Ink Transition activity for eating in lunchroom 
Egg Salad Using Tongs 
Eggs - Humpty Dumpty Deviled Eggs Vegetables 
Eggs in a Nest We Eat Turkey 
Exploring Squash What Happens to our Teeth 
Exploring Squash recipe enhancement What Happens to our Teeth Attachment
Fall Colors - Vegetable tasting Where do Foods Come From 
Food from many Places  
Food from many Places enhancement  
Frozen Grapes  
Fruit and Yogurt Ice Cream Cone  
Fruit Bagels  
Fruit Cars  
Funny Toast  
Garden Party (Fruit & Veggie Tasting)  
Greene Foods  
Grow Popcorn  
Happy Hibernating Hedgehog  
Hard Boiled Eggs  
Heart Healthy Foods  
Homemade Healthy Popsicles   
Honey tasting with apple dippers   
Kite attachment   
Lemon and Lime Tasting  
Let's Go Fishing   
Making Butter   
Me Salad  
Mixing Yogurt - Creating Colors   
Old Mother Hubbard  
Whats in your cupboard 
Orange Foods  
Owl Snack  
Pepper Tasting  
Pineapple - Fresh vs Canned  
Pizza Pies  
Pumpkin Pie in a Bag  
Pumpkin Pie in a Bag Recipe   
Pumpkin Pudding   
Purple Foods  
Quilt Making with Cereal  
Rainbow Colors  
Red Foods   
Seeds We Can Eat   
Snap Peas   
Spring Sunshine Smoothie  
String Cheese Shapes  
Sunshine Fruit Dip   
Tomato Exploration  
Transportation - Sailboats  
Tuna Salad on Toast  
Turkeys - Apple Turkey   
Watermelon Sailboats   
Watermelon Tasting  
Yellow Foods  
Yogurt Parfait  
Zoo Food  

 Food Experience - Blank Form