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Chore Services Program

Elderbridge Agency on Aging Chore Services Program

Effective July 1, 2017, New Opportunities will no longer offer Elderbridge Chore services. To apply for Chore services, seniors, age 60 and over, can contact Elderbridge Agency on Aging directly at: 1-800-243-0678. 

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Elderly Waiver Chore Program

Seniors need to apply for the Elderly Waiver at their local County Department of Human Services (DHS) office. Approved applicants are assigned to a Case Manager, who notifies New Opportunities, Inc., that they are qualified for Elderly Waiver Chore services. Clients are assigned a monthly budget for each service they will receive through the Waiver.

When a client is approved for the Elderly Waiver Chore Program, New Opportunities, Inc., receives a Notice of Decision document that tells us how many hours of service are allowed for that client. The Elderly Waiver Chore Program covers lawn mowing and snow removal, up to the budgeted limit of hours. New Opportunities, Inc., pays the chore provider and bills the Federal Government for the service.